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Aristotle: Generosity is a metric that is determined by the will of service and deliverance rather than expectations. It is no generosity when a person does a noble deed that is limited to him only. This deliverance could be in form of tangible products and pecuniary possessions.


Wealth itself is a neutral entity, if used properly can be a boon, if mishandled can turn into a bane. Its usage depends on the kind of people who possess it and their intention and actions how they utilize them. In such circumspect it is the mark of a noble man to spend than desire to save and possess that makes him a gentleman. This in return earns them praise, accolades and soft corners in different sections. Virtue is a painless act, rather a peace earning act which blesses the soul. Righteous individual would leave less to him and give more to others. The degree to which an individual gives away with respect to self earnings and self possession hold more ground than one who may possess more yet donate and give away less. Without regard for self accumulation if the donation is given away, it holds more ground than any other case of noble intention. Richness in true sense in one when one gives away rather than possession of material goods. The consideration of giving away to the right kind and right type is also a very important factor. It must be ensured that the recipients are fully worthy of it and deserve to be granted in the name of charity and virtue. ...
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