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At most, what was achieved was a failed attempt to establish morality and anarchaic is the order of the day. One may dispute this by raising the argument that nations are forming groups and alliances with the objective of making this world better by fostering peace, economic prosperity, harmony and cooperation. Nobody can dispute that. It can even be added that there is the UN with its councils and courts, the WTO, the G7, NATO, ASEAN or what have you. But the question is, were they ever successful in their objectives. The glaring truth is No and morality will only be considered when it serves a certain purpose but in reality, it really has no place as nations asserts with their selfish interest. Can you blame them? No. We cannot blame because nations has to advance the interest, welfare and security of its own people and country even if it means transgressing other countries. What is moral is becomes relative and immorality can be twisted to something moral to justify an interest. You just cannot be nice in international arena otherwise you will be eaten alive. One may protest that this is a very harsh description of international arena but harsh as it is, it is true. We can cite many recent examples and we do not have to go far. In the United States, the anarchaic war of terror is plaguing us and the way it is waged on us is devoid of morals. Imagine killing innocent civilians just to destroy our way of life. And the way we respond cannot be categorized as moral no matter how we justify it that we are the good guys. We kill, we bomb, we torture people, we connive and manipulate other governments just to achieve our end. Is that orderly as contrary to anarchy or moral as we would like it to be? The answer is a glaring no. What made the situation worst is that we and everyone else never learned the lesson of history and experience. We all know that war is a lose-lose situation where its destructive force knows no one. But look around, the international arena is anarchaic war of all as if we never knew the concept of morality. Syria is now undergoing a brutal civil war. In Libya, we help them oust their former dictator Gaddafi thinking that they will be grateful to us. Instead, they attacked our embassy and killed our personnel. Now, you may ask where is order and morals there? Isn’t that a classic examply of anarcy where all is against all because you are not sure who your allies are? Perhaps one is inclined to wonder why we are so predisposed to war and anarchy? The answer is obvious. For as long as there is conflict of interst, there will always be anarchy and our sense of morals will always be set aside in pursuit of our interest. Dostoyoevsky already anticipated this as he wrote a sketchy outline in his short essay The Dream of a Ridiculous Man that anarchy without morals is about to happen as we esteemed governments advancing our interests as people. Why not esteem them? They get elected and it is morally upright for government to assert the aspiration of the people they represent. The problem is, this interests could also be in conflict with other countries who also have the same mandate to assert the interest of their people. So what happens next? Conflict ensued and anarchy became the order of the day despite of the efforts to establish order and morals only exist in words to justifiy a nation’s interest. The clear example is the conflict going on in Sabah. The Sultan of Jolo had been the traditional ruler of Sabah and they had the island ...Show more


There is no morality in the international arena and that it is a war against all Hobbes once argued that society by default, is chaotic. It only managed to establish order when it decided to give up some of its freedom to establish a government with rules that would put order in society…
Author : eliseoblick
Short Paper 1
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