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Introduction Gender discrimination and gender bias on the basis of sex differences in cognitive abilities has been a social problem since ancient times. Females have been a victim of discriminatory treatment and lack of opportunities in almost every area of life due to the misconceptions and misunderstandings about their abilities.


Through her article “Sex, Brains & Hands: Gender Differences in Cognitive Abilities,” she has explained how the sex differences in cognitive abilities are not just because of ‘sex,’ but are also due to the role of ‘preferred hand’ and socio-cultural factors in development of cognitive abilities. With the help of in depth look at different research studies in psychology, sociology, biology and culture, Halpern has done an excellent job in convincing the reader that the sex differences in cognitive abilities are more a part of social and cultural influence than the ‘sex’. The article is an eye opener as it gives an insight on the truth related to the gender studies and also makes the reader realize that accepting the differences as sex related can prove disastrous for healthy development and progress of females. Hence, it sends a strong message that one should keep away from conclusions based on half true stories in media, and should remember that females can be trained to develop equal abilities as males if they are given equal support and opportunities as males are given in the society. ...
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