Should we help the poor? Your discussion should include either Pogge's arguments (in "Poverty,Climate Change and Overpopulat

Should we	help	the poor? Your	discussion should include	either Pogge
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Poverty has been one of the many pressing issues of our society. This particular social issue has been the source of social anxiety and there are many perspectives that aim to answer the unrelenting question of how to deal with poverty. On one side of the fence, there are people who believe that poverty is caused by the social structure and it can’t be helped.


As one of the many life-threatening social issues, poverty is associated to many deaths, including diseases and violence, especially in the underdeveloped countries. (Pogge, 2010).  A great factor in the increase of poverty is the unequal distribution of wealth, which leads to social inequality. The economic inequality skews the economic opportunities of people to gain the financial stability they need to ensure a life without poverty. The more unequal the distribution of wealth is, the greater number of people there is at the bottom of the economic and social structure. Pogge’s argument on helping the poor simply explains that the lower the poverty level is, the higher the sustainability would be. Helping the poor means the society needs to exert its efforts on the redistribution of wealth. This is a very big and idealistic step in the eradication of poverty. Since poverty is caused by the unequal structure, specifically economic, of the society, completely taking out poverty is next to impossible. Pogge suggests a number of points on how to deal with poverty, thus helping out the poor people, and, as a result, helping out the society and the environment in one blow. ...
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