David Hume's An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

David Hume
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Student’s Name Course Name Instructor’s Name Date Ideas and impressions According to Hume, all perceptions in the mind are categorized broadly in two different classes or species, which are then identified from each other based on their vivacity. This, to Hume, is the basis of ideas and conceptions that he speaks of as distinct features or aspects, that be distinguished from one another on a number of aspects.


On the other hand, Hume tells of ideas as being part of a copy principle from impressions, which means that ideas are derived from impressions and they directly correspond to the impression from which they are derived, to create a complete image of both. This he goes to state that ideas are thoughts, beliefs or memories that are directly connected to our memories, which may not serve as much of a distinction between the two, as it ties or binds the two aspects tightly. This is to mean that we construct ideas from impressions, where the mind looks at three crucial factors prior to generating an idea; resemblance, contiguity and effect (Landy 120). In the case of ideas, the issue of the mind using resemblance shows a clear application of impression, especially reflection, to come up with ideas, as it requires the mind to relate to different factors and find the merging point, or even establish the relationship between the two. ...
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