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summary and opinion on each article

Everything happening in this world has the cause and effect, and if a human being fails to understand it, it is the failure of the human being, not of the eternal system. As Camus reveals through Sisyphus, the acknowledgement of and rebellion against the Absurd, the exercise of free will in self-investment in the performance of life to find intrinsic meaning, despite the incomprehensibility of the world, is to live well. A human being is just a dot in this world. The world cannot run as per the desire of an individual nor the group of individuals. Everything happens in this world as it should. What is important is the process of living, and not complaining about the so-called absurdities. For example, the lotus is born in slush and mud; lives in it, and when in bloom enthralls the viewer. It does not complain, nor does it think of committing suicide. Why complain about the thorns? Think of the beauty and fragrance of the roses. One should not complain about one’s fundamental relationship with the world. The world cannot run on happiness. ...
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Subject: Philosophy, Essay Date: Topic: Summary and Opinion on Each Article Myth of Sisyphus—Albert Camus The main problem with philosophers like Albert Camus is their reach is up to the level of their mind only. Spirituality is to be experienced and philosophy is countering one argument from another argument…
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