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The Lessons of TWM The book Tuesdays With Morrie or TWM is a very inspirational book. Some people may think that this was just all about the last words of a professor to his student, but the book was more than this (Bowen, 1998). According to Bowen (1998), the book was "an inspirational recount of a mans life a man whose passion for the human spirit has continued to live long after his last breath." 1.


Morrie Schwartz was the best professor Mitch could ever ask for. He supplemented Mr. Albom with the knowledge and advices in life that will surely help the young one in his future. Their relationship was more of a father and a son than a teacher and a student. When Mitch Albom graduated, Professor Morrie was more than proud of his achievement and he was very happy to see him graduate. During his graduation, Professor Morrie Schwartz embraced Mitch Albom as he was even crying because he was so happy. He only had one wish from his beloved student and that is to keep in touch with even after leaving the school. Mitch Albom promised to do so but he never kept his project. Only after Mr. Albom came across his old professor in one of the television shows that he remembered he was not able to keep his promise and he missed to see Professor Morrie for a long time. When he had the guts to see his professor, he drove to where he lives and after 16 long years, he saw his professor again, now seriously ill with ALS. Professor Morrie was already deteriorating and he was almost too late to see his professor. Despite the long years of waiting for his student, Professor Schwartz was still very happy to see Mr. ...
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