Kant, Mill, and Nietzsche

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A nurse’s refusal to give a CPR to a dying 87 year old woman at a living center has promoted outrage and a criminal investigation.” What would Kant, Mill and Nietzsche say about it?


However, Kant and Mill also differ in a sense that Kant states that a person’s moral is innate as in a priori reasoning and Mill suggests, however selfishly, that morals are essential to a person’s happiness as people abide to morals for them to be happy. Now, for Nietzsche being good – at least morally good, is a social construct as the upper class and the people who are in control are defining the word with their preferences and activities. It can change as to who controls the social power. With this notion, evil, or bad, is also arbitrary, as the social class also determines which are bad and those things are generally the ones that do not work for them. For example, if you are an upper class gentleman and your slaves are working well for you, would you consider slavery immoral? No, because it is good for you. You might even think that slavery is important. But if you are a slave, slavery for you is evil because you suffer. However, who holds the social power? For the longest time, it was the upper class, which is why slavery did not become illegal for a long time. Then when the revolution happened, many people were affected by it. And those “many people” helped slavery become a “bad” thing. ...
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