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Model for Morality

In the Kantian approach to ethics and morality, the ultimate identifier of a ‘good action’ is one that is performed out of ‘duty’ with no other ulterior motive. This becomes a means of a means of rewarding or punishing the individual for performing the action. In this case, duty is the ulterior motive because it accords the individual the opportunity to adopt his own morality. Although Kant was not the first individual to support such an approach to morality and ethics, he was among the first to make such a move. He also passed it along as a moral code of ethics arguing it could be applied universally. This universality of Kantian morality serves as the hallmarks of defining the forms of ethical and moral approaches that have been far been studied. This universality is born out of an understanding that the main guiding precept that defines goodness is duty. This is the duty of maintaining law in society and upholding virtues such as honesty, respect and obedience. Kant describes it as not necessarily born out of an imprint of Godliness upon the hearts of mankind but out of the universality of reason. This helps to develop moral and ethical approaches to the many situations that greet the individual within his/her daily life ...
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One of the most attractive aspects of Kantian morality is its simplicity. Considering its apparent complexity of moral reality, this becomes one of Kantian’s most repulsive aspects. However, such simplicity alone is weighed down by scary metric takes both an objective and philosophical approach. …
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