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Topics in Cultural Studies

Globally, cultures have faced colonization, which facilitated the confrontation of the non-western and western cultures (Oberg, 2010). This led to the realization that non-western cultures occurred as outposts in the colonial empires developed by Europeans. This loss of centeredness of the Native American culture led to the weakening of their traditions, political and social systems, as well as practices. This means that the European culture had immense impact on the culture of Native Americans. Native Americans occupied the vast American land before their interaction with Europeans. The natives can be considered as the indigenous or original occupants of North America. They comprised of people from distinct American ethnic and tribal groups. Despite their interactions with the Europeans and the subsequent loss of centeredness, some of the tribes and ethnic groupings survived as intact political communities (Schwab, 2010). The first contact of Europeans with Native Americans came after the exploration of Christopher Columbus (Oberg, 2010). Thereafter, the 15th century saw an influx of Europeans into the American continent and they brought Africans as their slaves. ...
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Loss of Centeredness Name: Institution: Loss of Centeredness Western civilization has confronted other cultures since the introduction of exploration and colonization. According to Sayre (2013), these confrontations led to loss of centeredness because western cultures dominated non-western cultures…
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