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Ethics in Finance Name Institution Introduction Ethics and morality are issues that greatly influence every person’s undertakings. Every decision that a person makes in regards to a social phenomenon is based on the principles and values that he or she upholds.


This paper will evaluate the various ethics theories and analyze how they can be used to solve the ethical dilemma. Utilitarianism Utilitarianism ethics theory holds that the right action is the one giving the ultimate form of satisfaction for every one that is affected (Snoyenbos & James 17). It is notable that utilitarianism is a consequentialist moral theory that seeks to evaluate the outcomes of an action rather than the action itself (Van Staverin 21). According to this theory, the rightness or wrongness of an action is dependent on the general effect that the action has on the people it affects. Suffice to say, utilitarianism holds that an action cannot be judged in isolation to be good or bad. In this regard, an action is right if it produces more intrinsic good than any other action that would have been taken. For instance, utilitarianism could hold that cheating is right if it resulted in the saving of lives of people in danger. Actions are right when they maximize happiness and good for all the affected persons. One of the basic objections of the utilitarianism ethics theory is that the judgment of an act is based on its future outcomes (Singer 41). It is not possible for a person to know the precise consequences of his or her actions in the future. ...
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