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DESIRE AND DISCONTENT Name Professor’s Name Course Date According to Freud (1953), a dream is fundamentally a guardian of sleep as it tries to disconnect the conscious mind from reality by extinguishing all the external stimuli. When we go to sleep at night the mind protects the individual sleeping through the manufacturing of dreams from being disturbed by any form of external stimuli as well as external stimuli.


Dream analysis is indispensible given that dreams are the key towards understanding of the subconscious (Freud, 1953 p.145-9). When one goes to sleep, they get withdrawn from reality and cease to even take the least of interest on it though the extent does not warrant total perception towards the environment hence the subject of dreams. For an individual to proceed into peaceful sleep, factors like negative emotions, forbidden thoughts and unconscious desires must be covered up in any way possible so that their occurrence does not distress the sleeper (Freud, 1953 p. 190-1). According to Freud, a dream is composed of two major parts, the manifest and the latent contents because formation of visual responses to a stimuli is not coincidental. The manifest content is the part of a dream that an individual is able to remember when they wake up. This aspect is termed as symbols by Sigmund since they can result to constant meaning and they are more or less sexual. This part of a dream does not create any meaning whatsoever given that it is a covered aspect of the true thought behind the dream. ...
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