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Plato's Republic - Essay Example

In his book, “the Republic” Plato states that oligarchy and timocracy are favorable to democracy and that anarchy or totalitarianism is a less preferable system of government. Plato was an enemy of democracy because according to him, he identified deficiencies in the Athenian democracy. Plato in his book, the republic asserted that the Athenian democracy promoted inherent class tension and it did not focus on promoting equality and liberty of all the people (Plato 295). According to Plato, inherent class tensions were evident in the disunity between the Athenian classes that lacked discipline and respect to the ordinary citizens because of power. This according to Plato came from the incentives of the governed not to submit to the opinions of the governors. Democratic society in this sense goes on to abuse as contemptible people who honor and respect the authorities and preserves its approval in personal and public life for governors or rulers who act like subjects and subjects who act like governors or rulers. Consequently, this leads to dictatorship and revolution. Plato explains that this eventuality leads to totalitarianism which is the most cruel and unjust system of government. This takes place when people flush with authority appoint a representative whose ways to being a dictator is evident. Plato as he criticized democratic form of government used tyrannical nature of Athens as an example. Democratic form of government aims at safeguarding human rights is, for Plato prone to develop

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Philosophy - Plato's Republic and Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics
Plato’s criticism of democracy is of the direct and unchecked democracy of Ancient Athens (557a-564a). Plato fears that democracy leads to an excess of freedom, which refers to the carefree state of doing whatever one likes. This kind of conception undermines the authority and purpose of the state, which is to limit the freedom of individuals with respect to what they can and cannot do.
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Plato's Republic Philosophy Essay
Public organization, according to Plato, follows from the very conditions of existence, where a person is placed. Person’s organism constantly uses its strength, and this expense is the necessary condition of its activities which should be constantly made up for normal existence.
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Plato's Republic and His Theories About Philosopher Rulers
Many nations have always sought ways and strategies of minimizing the abuse of power including entrusting leadership in the hands of the learned. However, such strategies do not seem to work. Through his book The Republic, Plato, the great thinker presents a potential solution to the abuse of power.
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Plato's Republic and Hobbes Leviathan and Elizabeth Anderson
A disposition to handle every of the society interests, thus, a responsive education should impart in the elite the awareness of the tribulations of those they are supposed to be helping.
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Philosophy: Plato's Republic
Describing an the ideal city, Plato underlines that people are all born with physical and intellectual equipment that makes them suited to perform some tasks better than others. The model of the ideal city involves ideas of justice and nature, human relations and labor relations.
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Plato's republic
With his book Plato also explains how to draw an analogy of the operation that a society is as a whole society and the life of an individual in that very same society. Book IV Plato explains through Socrates the guardians the ruling class as we know them. From that perspective and this angle this essay is going to discuss this theory
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Plato's Republic
among these other noble characteristics, it is no surprise how much importance Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, and others ascribed to justice in the formation of a complete system of morality and an Ideal State. Plato, in fact, identifies justice not simply as something related to
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Philosophy: Plato's Republic
e political state, suggesting repeatedly that the rule of ones own self by each individual is a procedure quite similar to the rule of the state by political leaders The ideal city portrayed by Plato represents a complex account of the relation between nature and nurture, the
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The public in Athens was doubtful about democracy being an effective form of governance and in this perspective, Socrates, who appeared to be a strong critic of democracy, was defended by many who interpreted his trial as being an
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Plato's Republic: First Draft
e was unable to give a clear definition of what justice is, yet he criticized all the suggestions given by other scholars, The Republic goes beyond this deadlock because Plato was capable of explaining the meaning of justice. In the first draft, Socrates argues that justice can
1 pages (250 words) Essay
into tyranny and resistance because of lack of respect for order, discipline, and sense of duty (Plato 298). Additionally, Plato also criticized the essential ideals, upon which democracy is formed, the issue of liberty. According to Plato, liberty leads to totalitarianism and this implies that social disunity is likely to occur. Plato says that democratic system of governance comprises of all types of people, which depicts emphasis on the absence of cohesiveness in a democratic nation. Pervasive liberty implies people are permitted to do what they want and desire, and not what they are trained to do. Plato thought that people must focus and remain committed to the profession in which they got God given talents and skills. This in turn matches to a sense of unified, efficient society and social justice, a level of unity that Plato imagined could not be attained in a democratic society. In his book, ‘the Republic’ Plato states that giving power in the hands of some individuals has detrimental aftermath on the justice and efficacy of the nation. This is because he doubted the ability of people to govern in a just manner (Plato 299). Plato believed that since the possessions or wishes of some minority people in society interfere with the acquisitiveness, and wishes of the majority, the final product of democracy will definitely be a chaotic, disorganized, and undisciplined society. Therefore, according to Plato, choosing or electing a leader into position of power does not make sense since democracy is a process of elections, which leads to corruption since the elected person would be given much power. This argument is a based on the fact that power corrupts while absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is true since matters are decided by votes. For instance, policies governing how a person may use his or her land may be determined by vote (Plato 301). Plato’s assertions were justified since he did not spare both the governed and


Instructor Date Review of the Plato’s Republic The book, the republic was written by Plato and translated by Alan Bloom. Basic Books publishers published it in New York City in the year 1991. In this book, the republic, Plato tries to construct an ideal state…
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Platos Republic essay example
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