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A pregnant woman went into a coma shortly after experiencing labor pains. The doctors on duty could not immediately contact her husband or any relations about the development.


Time was of the essence as the woman’s condition continued to deteriorate despite the application of certain remedial measures. According to standard practice, the doctors required the assent of the next of kin in order to perform the dangerous experiment. After several futile attempts to contact the family members, the doctors decided to proceed with the abortion with the intention of rescuing the life of the mother. The operation went on successfully as the fetus was aborted. However, both the woman and her family members expressed their disappointment in the loss of the child and vowed to sue the doctors and the hospitals for what they deemed as professional negligence. Attempts by the hospital administration to explain the difficult situation in which the doctors found themselves failed to calm down the irate family members. According to their culture, abortion is a taboo and should not be performed under all circumstances. The family members implied that they would have preferred the woman to die in her own efforts to give birth rather than performing an abortion. The issue elicited sharp responses on both sides of the abortion debate. Much of the arguments were focused on the moral question of rescuing a mother in danger and the necessity of performing an abortion that led to the death of the child. ...
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