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There are different theories established by many philosophers about termination of pregnancy and there are different laws about terminating a pregnancy. In some countries terminating a pregnancy is illegal while in other countries it is legal (Warren, 828). There are mainly two types of beliefs about abortion and some people believe that abortion should be prohibited on moral grounds as it is like killing a person while others believe that abortion should not be prohibited as it has nothing to do with morality and it is necessary for society, sometimes, to avoid unwanted situation (Warren, 832). Those who advocate for prohibiting abortion believe that abortion is killing a fetus before birth which is an act of murder on both human and moral grounds. They are of the opinion that the abortion can only be allowed in exceptional cases like when the life of mother is at stake or the pregnancy is a result of rape or forced sex or any similar situation. Those who believe that abortion should not be prohibited in case argue that besides danger to mother’s life and pregnancy as a result of rape or forced sex there are many more reasons which influence the decision of abortion. Sometimes women conceive due to failure of contraceptive measures and they are either not ready or not capable of bringing up a child and birth of a child can be a burden on them. On other occasions the woman who has conceived can be poor, disabled, under-age or unmarried and is not able to bring up a child. In those circumstances, if she is prohibited for abortion it becomes a burden for her whole life. They also reason it as it should be the discretion of the woman to decide about her life and the baby. The fetus cannot be considered as a person as it does not have any characteristics of personhood such as sentience, emotion, reasoning, communication capability, self awareness and morality. Similarly, they cannot be considered as a human being as they don’t have any characteristics of a human (Warren, 833). Moreover, the galloping population of the world can also be controlled to some extent by legalizing abortion because in the countries where abortion is not legalized people have to bear the burden of unwanted children which become a burden on humanity in many cases. Therefore, abortion must be legalized all across the world to reduce not only the burden on women but also on humanity. Abortions can be controlled and late abortions should be avoided unless it is not very essential and danger to life of the mother. An Argument that Abortion is Wrong - Don Marquis Abortion is term which people neither wish to think nor discuss about it, but it does not undermine the importance of the fact. By not thinking or discussing the horrible reality of abortion cannot be avoided. There is a mixed response about this overwhelming reality and some people think that abortion is a ground reality and essential for human society while others think that abortion is a violent act of killing an unborn baby and this act is neither human nor moral. Those who oppose abortion describe it and act of dismembering or tearing apart or vacuuming out a baby from its mother without any anesthesia. They further describe it as a crueler act when it is a partial birth or near-term abortion, when the baby is pulled out by plunging with a sharp object or vacuuming it completely. Though this is a horrible subject to think about it is necessary to discuss about it (Marquis, 839). Those who support abortion reason out that it is necessary for women who conceived without making a choice for it due to rape or failure of contraceptives and are not able to take care of the baby for ...Show more


Abortion can be defined as a deliberate action of a woman to terminate her pregnancy or to allow another person deliberately for terminating her pregnancy. Terminating a pregnancy means death of a fetus before its birth. …
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