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[Name of Student] [Name of Instructor] [Course Title] [Date] Ethical Dilemma Ethical dilemma is also termed as moral dilemma. Philosophers have discussed ethical dilemma as a situation/condition in which a victim faces a conflict and all possible solutions for the conflict seem morally intolerable.


This paper aims to present a case study related to an ethical dilemma and the decision suggested to solve the situation. Additionally, it shall evaluate the decision from a viewpoint of utilitarianism, Kantian moral philosophy, Gandhism or Buddhism. The case study that I have selected for this paper is not my personal experience, but it pertains to one of my first cousin, Liana, who has been working as a journalism professor for many years. She has a good experience in her field and possesses a strong command over the subject (writing and sub-editing) as she has been teaching the subject in different institutions and also, holds a Masters degree in the subject. She is quite friendly and has always told me about her teaching ways and behavior that one must have with students in the class. She has always taught her students by maintaining a friendly environment and has always made herself available to help students with their problems within class or outside the class. She has developed a good understanding with all students, and she has always intended to remain cooperative with them for their academic matters. Last year, at the end of the semester, she gave an assignment to all her students of reviewing five articles, which was to be submitted within 25 days. ...
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