Reaction to Philosophy

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Name Professor Course Date Reaction to Philosophy There are instances when one person’s belief may cause grief or sorrow to another. One’s happiness may have conflicting issues with regards to a belief or an action regarding the Golden Rule. This rule is considered by some as the ultimate principle of morality.


A rule is something which is instructed and just like any other rule, it has a tendency to be broken and rejected. This is contrary to a principle which is more inclined towards the norm or the belief of what should be done. According to Poland and Graham, “The mean between an excess of self-love and a deficiency of self-love is to count what is in our own true interest and is in the true interest of each and every person as equally important (263).” With the latter statement being a reference of what the golden rule implies, the principle is more of promoting lesser attention and love be given to the self and give more importance as to what would be the better implications that an action can give to the majority. Taking the principle on a more literal manner, one should also think of what will happen to others when a particular decision is made or when an action is done. Though others may say that the self does deserve to be pampered every once in a while, it is also important to take note of the majority who will be affected even with the slightest implication. When it comes to a point that a major decision is needed to be done, one should think of what will be the implications the decision will make for the majority rather than just for the self. ...
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