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Ethics Student’s name Course name and number Instructor’s name Date submitted Ethics Ethics is one of the most debatable topics in almost every aspect of our life (Stahl, 2008, p. 27). There is a lot of subjectivity and conflicts of opinions in the field of ethics.


The sense of and compliance with the principles of ethics is what makes man superior to all living creatures. The most convincing ethical system is utilitarianism. It is “probably the basic moral philosophy of most nonreligious humanists today’’ (Harris, 2002, p. 119). Utilitarianism suggests that in any situation, one should adopt that course of action that maximizes the utility for all of the sentient beings. An action that is generally considered objectionable in normal circumstances might be the right course of action in a particular situation because the context and situation might be equally different and unique. One needs to see what is the requirement of a given situation and in what potential ways can the maximum utility of a decision can be achieved in a positive way. Nevertheless, there is a certain level of subjectivity in this process that is difficult to avoid. This involves concerns about whether one should maximize the average, or the sum of the total utility. In addition to that, the utility of future beings also needs to be taken into account. ...
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