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Don't change it

While other philosophers like Rousseau opposed this crucial view of humans by viewing them as cooperative, selfishness and fear are the main reasons why humans harm each other (Rousseau, paragraph 12). Shifting from the evil human image that Hobbes explained, to the well-disposed human image of Rousseau, makes an obvious antagonism between both philosophers. Indeed, both Hobbes and Rousseau wrote about the same points, which are human nature, social contract, and the form of government, but each of them had different explanations to these ideas. In the idea of human nature, Hobbes started by explaining his idea through arguing that all men are created equal in their aptitude and wish (Hobbes 57). Indeed, Hobbes indicates that no man is above other men, but what make men different are sciences and the amount of knowledge that each person carries (Hobbes 59). Even though each man has a different amount of knowledge, a man in his nature always sees himself better than others and do not like to admit that other men are better than him (Hobbes 59). Rousseau illustrated that men are equal but they are different from each other based on two facts, which are their physical features such as their age, way of looking and the soul, which is mainly about human behavior and morals (Rousseau, paragraph 1). In addition, Rousseau views all men as free and this is evident when he argues that though man was born without any restrictions, everywhere he goes he is in chains. (Rousseau 81). The Chains Rousseau means in his writing are the restrictions and the power the government puts on men’s freedom (Rousseau 81). Rousseau also believes that power is not created by nature but it is created by God’s wish. In other words, God is the one who choose specific people to give them power similar to the relationship between a parent and his or her child (Rousseau, paragraph 4, 10). Moving to the idea of conflict and competition, according to Hobbes, men are motivated by their self-interest, as they seek to get their own benefits even if they have to harm other people (Hobbes 59). Hobbes believes that men conflict with each other because of their fear of lack or resources and to protect their property because in the state of nature, the government does not exist (Hobbes 59). Indeed, to Hobbes, men conflict with each other because of three reasons; first is competition, where each man seeks to gain resources and property; second diffidence, where a man needs to use violence to keep his property protected; and the last reason is glory, where a man tries to improve his power and value to others (Hobbes 60). To Rousseau, men conflict with each other because of their fear from the unpredicted future and the unpredicted behavior of other creatures. Thus, men use violence to protect their resources and property (Rousseau, paragraph 3). Indeed, the one who wins will gain more resources, which will create more inequality, as other men will fear him and view him stronger than them (Rousseau, paragraph 16). To Rousseau, inequality creates the different classes in society. Furthermore, Rousseau views human way of living as similar to the animal state as humans only motive is to provide them with the source of living (Rousseau, paragraph 8). Hobbes views no excuse for the behavior except the three reasons that were mentioned above, and they are all driven by ...Show more


Tutor Name March, 2013 Deep In Philosophy: Theories of Democracy Philosophy is a field of searching and thinking to understand the mysteries of existence. Indeed, philosophy seeks to detect the reality of human, state, nature and the connection between them all…
Author : kerlukeali
Dont change it essay example
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