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What It Means To Be Human?

The human being is comprised of a complex amount of systems and characteristics hence can be defined from numerous perspectives. Many philosophers have expressed different view points on the subject matter. This paper will analyze the view points of Willard and Aquinas. Dallas Willard expresses his view points through cultural shifts, classical philosophy and modernity. In the process he investigates and analyzes arguments concerning human nature and derives the conclusion that humans were are solely distinguished by their ability to love and be loved and to serve and be served by others. Thomas Aquinas viewed human nature as a paradox, with the defining trait of dividing between spirit and matter. The paper will compare and contrast the different view points of these philosophers and how they argue and support their view points. Thomas Aquinas perceives the link between consciousness and matter ‘as humanity’s desire for God as an expression for the life of the trinity’ (Beattie, 2012). Humans are the only living species who have the ability to differentiate their existence between spirit and matter. This is a defining characteristic as humans are able to differentiate themselves for other animals. ...
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There have been numerous philosophical viewpoints on the definition of mankind and what exactly differentiates the so called humans from other species. The subject matter possesses a great amount of controversy and many theories have been developed…
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