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Essay example - The Modern Indians: Not Just another Minority Category, and Why

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Indians are the original Native inhabitants of United States, i.e. they are the Native Americans who originally occupied the entire country. Columbus is the one who discovered these Indians in America. It is very evident that modern Indians are no longer just a mere minority group as they were for decades. …

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The Modern Indians: Not Just another Minority Category, and Why

Their physical identity is similar, such as their dark-brownish skin, rounded full lips, and cheekbones that are prominent. In addition, their main economic activities were hunting, war, fishing and agriculture. These Indians lived a humble and traditional life for a long time. However, the invasion of America with new inhabitants such as the whites from England, and Africa Americans who came in as slaves, they had to improve their ways of life. America is the country with the highest and fastest technological advancement in the world. This advancement, together with infrastructural development and the wave of globalization forced these American Indians to change from their traditional life and begin adapting to a modern style of living. Development projects in what used to be their habitats displaced them from their original homes paving way for new high-rise buildings, subways, and institutions. This forced them to abandon their traditional ways of life such as hunting and agriculture since they did not have a lot of land left out for them to use. Furthermore, they got new neighbors who inducted them into modernity and influenced them to change their traditional practice. Global changes also made significant changes to their practice of life (Hagan xxi). The modern world posed numerous challenges to these Native American Indians. ...
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