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Name Course Instructor Date Theory of knowledge Introduction Theory of knowledge is a field that has been researched and evaluated by many philosophers such as Immanuel Kant and Friedrick Nietzsche in an attempt to comprehend the function of human mind and its ability to reason.


More so, it looks at the beliefs and views earlier philosophers on knowledge. Knowledge can be defined as the acquaintance of facts, tenets and truths from a study or investigation or it can be defined as acquaintance of facts and truths from experience. This definition leads us to conclude that theory of knowledge is a justified true belief. As a branch of philosophy, theory of knowledge deals with questions regarding the nature, scope and sources of human knowledge. Therefore, theory of knowledge or epistemology is concerned with the following questions: what the aspects and conditions of sufficient knowledge? What are the sources of true knowledge, what are its structure and limits? As the study of justified true belief, theory of knowledge focuses to answer questions such as how do humans understand the idea of justification? What renders or makes justified beliefs justified? And is justification of beliefs internal or external to an individual’s mind. In order to understand what entails knowledge, it is vital to discuss knowledge from a propositional point of view also referred to as knowledge that. This kind of knowledge is different from acquaintance knowledge and knowledge how. For instance, in Mathematics, it is known that 1+1=2, but there also knows how to put the two numbers together, one arrives at the answer. ...
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