Any arguement with a moral or causal claim

Any arguement with a moral or causal claim Essay example
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Any argument with a moral or causal claim "God is the cause for the existence of the universe": If this cosmological thought is accepted, does it mean that God exists? Introduction Human belief on God has given rise to various dimensions in shaping the humankind today.


Indubitably, such religious decrees have made man what he is today, where God and His guidelines have been argued to have paved the way of human development. Astonishingly, there is no specific definition for God. Yet, man loves Him and fears Him from the ancient period. Nevertheless, humans, either in their conscious or unconscious thoughts, have faced the questions asking for the existence of God. Certainly, if God exists, and as argued in the religious verses, acts in the good of mankind then why does not He share His presence in the earthly world or even support His followers with firm evidences to proof that He exists? Thesis Statement This thesis will aim at assessing the cosmological claim of God’s existence which states that if the universe exists, it is for a cause which is none other than God and thus, it can be considered as a truth that God exists. Based on this cosmological thought and the modern day connotations, the thesis will further intend to argue regarding the causal claim to come across a rational explanation to the theological question that whether God exists, and if He does then why. ...
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