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Name: Institution: Professor: Date: Critical analysis of the titanic The story of the Titanic has highlighted many issues amongst them being the issue of the class system, the privileges given to the elite over the minority, the insensitivity to peoples’ safety, too much faith in technology which fails eventually and survival for the comfort of the chosen few.


The ship was divided based on social classes whereby there was the first, second and third classes. The elite were on the first class section, the middle class people were in second class while the poor or low class people were in the third class section. Even though the ships’ captain had received fore-warning of icebergs along the route on which he was bent on using, he ignored these warnings and soldiered on regardless of the risk involved. The ship hit an iceberg and water started rushing in the ship. This only meant that the ship was going to sink eventually. There were few life boats that would only allow for 1/3rd of the people in the ship to be saved. The priority was thus given to the women and kids. This order was however not completely adhered to because some of the elite men from the first class ad second class defied this order and decided to use the life boats to save their own skin. The issue of class is greatly focused on because as we can see, even the forbidden love between Rose and Jack was across two classes on the extremes. Rose was from a wealthy family and jack was from a poor family. This explains why Rose was in the first class while Jack won a free 3rd class ticket while playing a game of cards. ...
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