Environmental Ethics - Climate Change

Environmental Ethics - Climate Change Essay example
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Running Head: ENVIRONMENTAL ETHICS Environmental Ethics---Climate Change [Name] [Course] [Professor’s name] [Date] Scientists today all over the world have expressed grave concern over the severe impacts of climate change. Global warming occurs when heat from the surface of the earth cannot escape into the space as it gets blocked by certain gases in the atmosphere.


This lack of action on climate change has the potential to turn this world into an inhabitable place for the future generations. Climate change can be considered as one of the most challenging issues in this era of development, and it has to be the moral responsibility of every individual and government to take action against climate change to make this earth a safer place for future generations. A recent report commissioned by the World Bank has stated that by the end of this century the world will become warmer by 4oC and to avoid this, stringent measures need to be taken immediately. The report has already observed the negative impacts of climate change on human health from events like rising sea level, draughts, heat waves etc (Climate Change Report....., 2013). Climate change Some of the sun’s heat that reaches the earth’s surface gets absorbed and the rest gets radiated back to the atmosphere in the form of infrared heat. However, 90% of the heat gets absorbed by the greenhouse gases like water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide etc and is radiated back to the earth’s surface thereby rising the temperature of the earth. Human activities are to a large extent responsible for the creation of these gases. The most common factor is burning of fossil fuels like coal and oil which increases the level of carbon dioxide (CO2). ...
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