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The Concept of the Soul, by Plato

The passion in these elements sprouts from independent faiths differentiating between what is good or bad. When it comes to the appetite, this is due to the arousal of desires that occur as a reaction to the hormonal or other events that take place inside the body. Lastly, the spirited part of the soul is because of the routine response that develops during the course of ones upbringing. Plato in his book Phaedrus, Plato explains this Tripartite Soul in detail. In this book he describes the human soul which is made up of three elements that follow three specific classes that prevail in the society of a fair city containing justice. Individually justice consists in balancing these three elements in such a way that the precise relationship is developed that is based on power. All this leads to a person that contains ruling with reasoning, Reason takes help from spirit, and also develop a satisfying appetite. ...Show more


The Concept of the Soul by Plato During the time of the Republic, Plato one of the most famous philosopher of ancient Greece brought forward a unique concept that would help in understanding the human soul and also build rationality commonly known as the 'Tripartite Theory of the Soul '."If we are to be justified in attributing the same virtues to the individual, we will find that the soul contains three elements, structured as they are in the state." (Smith, 239) In the era of Republic in ancient Greece, the soul was believed to be composed of three elements that is "reason, "spirit," and "appetite." In an elaboration to this, it was assume…
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