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PHILOSOPHY ESSAY ARISTOTLE The philosophical concepts, ideologies and writings of Aristotle have influenced a plethora of wide-ranging subjects and disciplines, both in a positive manner where Aristotle has been lauded for the representation of his beliefs, and also in a disapproving way where the thinker’s ideologies have suffered a backlash from critics and commentators.


In a comparative assessment of political systems, Aristotle’s remarks on the perversions of democracy have proved to be a prominent tenet of political discussion and questioning. As a staunch realist, the Greek philosopher propagated the assumption that the idea of a government, which in essence is perfect, complete or best is one which is unattainable and utopian. Sidgwick (1892) argues that Aristotle’s categorization of the kinds of governments is not his own, but it is in fact the result of a pursuit to represent the ideas of his predecessor and teacher, Plato by stating the former’s concepts with an augmented degree of even greater disagreements for the various types of political systems to possibly avoid allegations of unoriginality or literary theft (Sidgwick 141-144). Aristotle’s primary premise is based upon his definition of the constitution which he describes as an association of positions that are reliant upon the degree of authority or power possessed by various social classes in their division amongst the citizens. ...
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