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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Personal Statement on Philosophy of Education Philosophy of education is an academic field that applies to the philosophy that promotes a specific type or vision of education that examines the definition and goals as well as the meaning of learning and knowing (Kilpatrick 31).


Therefore, philosophy of education forms part of the learning process that is concerned with the aim, form, method, and the results of any educational/learning process. It is then worth noting that, philosophy of education is a tool that directs the educational processes that are geared to the targeted group. From the understanding of the historical literature philosophy of education, it is worth noting that a learner or every child must be identified as a unique individual who needs to secure knowledge towards stimulating intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth and maturity (Frankena 76). Therefore, as an educator (Dhawan 79), it is my desire to help each student to meet his or her fullest potential in educational growth and maturity by providing for them with a safe environment that supports risk taking and inviting sharing of ideas towards their knowledge growth and development. Notably, I believe that the three educational philosophy elements that I must apply to achieve these goals. These elements are usually conductive towards establishing proper learning and developing environment in every learner’s education or learning process. ...
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