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no more Privacy polices

Privacy, in the realm of computing, is an ethical concern (Moor 1997: 27). This is manifested on how machines that we encounter in daily activities like ATMs and supermarkets and such things store our data, which are not limited to personal but includes behavioral patterns determined through recorded choices (Moor 1997:27). This kind of phenomenon intrudes one’s privacy. In some cases, the data gathered through these channels can be used to oppress or tamper’s one’s right, not just privacy but extends to other rights innate to individual like due process and others. In dealing with complex issue of privacy, there is a need to look at in a theoretical perspective: ethical theory of privacy. Three – fold premises emerges: something vital and important to defend and something based on individual’s preference and the importance of privacy (Moor 1997:28). There is a need to be not confused on how these premises work. Having Moor as the point of departure, I shall project a more concise use and view of the term “privacy”. One thing to take into account is that privacy is an instrument for protection from harm, which could be an incursion of personal life that is no longer the scope of outside forces (Moor 1997:28). ...
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Name Name of Professor Subject Date On Questions of Privacy in a Digital Age In this digital age, information and other personal data can be easily accessed and stored. This can be seen by the amount of times spent on the net. Kindly include the times where there are prompts that ask if your personal data should be stored…
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