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Sexism and the mythology of the weaker sex

In the Ebony Magazine of August 1966, Era Bell Thompson evolved out with the article where she desperately and deliberately discussed the evolution of women as a ‘weaker sex’. In her article bearing the title, “What Weaker Sex” she ogles out her despair, “MEN CALL her a member of Weaker Sex and make exaggerated allowances for her family. They also sing songs to her fair beauty. Like a priceless vase, this gentle creature- so pure, so sweet, so untouchable was created to be worshipped from afar” (Ebony, 1966). The terms like, ‘weaker sex’, ‘second sex’ or ‘fairer sex’ has been assigned to the women only since ages. Men do not hold any special position in the literature, myth or folklore because he is common and general. This is not because, he is mundane but the reason for making women special, placing her on pedestal and chiming the songs of her beauty and aura is done with a vision to make her a piece from aesthetic cult or a toy to playful banter in the mighty hands of her master actually lies in the politics of dehumanizing her. ...
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Sexism and the Mythology of the Weaker Sex Introduction Since the inception of civilization, women figurine has been depicted in myth, religious texts or folklore at two paradigms. One paradigm traces her positive side, displaying as mother, an intricate symbol of fertility, depicting as an object of eternal beauty and associating her with the hearth and household as the bearer of children and true subordinate to the man of the family…
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