Biocentric Egalitarianism and Land Ethic

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Name Course Institution Date Biocentric Egalitarianism and Land Ethic Biocentrism holds that we recognize and value non-human beings in our moral considerations. One of the questions facing biocentric egalitarianism is whether we should uphold consideration of moral duty to respect nature or whether we should allow this consideration to be overridden when faced with unavoidable need to exploit nature.


Biocentric egalitarianism advocates for the respect of non-human beings based on moral principles and values. These views reflect similar arguments that humans depend on nature to survive and thus the earth would be a better place without humans (Jonge 23). However, a critical analysis suggests that the moral duty to respect nature can conflict other moral duties. Kantian Moral Philosophy One example where duty to respect can conflict other moral duties is the application of Kant’s theory about animal rights. Kantian moral philosophy asserts that animals are mere instruments, which may be used for human purpose (Korsgaard 3). According Korsgaard, Kant’s point of view about legal rights is not to protect human interests, but to enable each citizen to act justly and for what is good. Kant’s moral philosophy underlines that non-rational animals lack the kind of freedom that rights protect. In particular, it is because human beings are rational beings that they are able to choose how they want to live (5). However, Kant’s philosophy extends the rights held by human beings to include property rights. ...
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