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Student Name: Institution: Course: Instructor: Date: Church and State Interplay Religion affects all the aspects of human life. Even to those regarded as nonbelievers often find themselves altering words such “Jesus Christ” and “God” whenever they find themselves in challenging situations.


Bearing this in mind it is easy to acknowledge the interplay that exists between politics and religion. Religion by itself has a greater impact on almost all the aspects of human live. Religion has an impact of human life aspects such as morals, fiction, as well as on aesthetic aspects such as art, architecture, and music. Additionally, it can be argued that religion acts like the guiding principle of life. Religion being the mirror of most human life aspects there is always some collisions whenever things deviate from the religious point of view. Of importance to note is that in some instance, the different religions find themselves conflicting when they fail to concur. The politicians are elected to lead the people as well as to make laws to guide the way of people live. The politicians are expected to have a balance between what the population wants as well as to moderate on religion expectations. The religion requires the state to enforce laws that they believe are morally upright. In most cases, there arises some form of ambiguity when what the religion want implemented and enforced by the state is not implemented. For instance, according to religious point of view, abortion should be illegal and the state should enforce laws to illegalize the action. On the other side, the state maybe of the argument that under certain conditions abortion should be legalized. ...
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