Liberty of Conscience and Individuality

Liberty of Conscience and Individuality Essay example
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Insert your name Instructor Course Date due Liberty of conscience and individuality A civil servant and political economist, he was the most influential philosopher in his era during the nineteenth century. His fight for the acceptance of liberty for every individual was the most impactful compared to any other philosopher like John Stuart Mill is a public figure to reckon with as his role as a philosopher during his time was the most impactful in the lives of his fellow citizens.


The liberty of every person is an essential factor for governance; as one is able to demand their right as well as play a role in the way they are governed by freedom of speech and demonstration. In this essay am solely going to expound on what Mill advocated for in his quest for liberty in his country as its written in his book On liberty. Mill had a strong believe on the liberty of an individual and had his strong points to back his reasoning at such a time when many governments were transitioning and locked out any idea of a person trying to criticize or influence other citizens. One of his greatest opinions was on the fact that there should be different experiments of living. This was based on the fact that human beings are flawed in their way of acting and reasoning, but this should not be a determinant of what they could be permitted to do or not to do. He argued that opinions of any individual should be done in action as long they did not interfere with the lives of others around them. ...
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