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Author’s Name Instructor’s Name Source Number/ Subject Date of Submission The Good, the Bad and the Awesome in David D. Burns’ Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy Depression is now seen as a disorder and many Americans both young and old suffer from it.


Curing depression using self-help books is nothing new, but Dr. David D. Burns’ Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy proves otherwise. Many have read the book and were surprised on how practical and easy the tips are to follow and they have conquered their depression through the useful advice written in the pages of the book. Let us then try to evaluate the ethical messages contained in the book and see for ourselves what makes this self-help book a success in dealing with depression. I. The Good The book Feeling Good embanks its reader on the trail to eliminating depression in people though cognitive therapy. Cognitive therapy is also called “Thinking therapy” because it aims to change the view of the patient from a negativistic perspective to a more positive, and self-affirming one. The book starts out by engaging and exposing the readers to Cognitive therapy and all the relevant research and theories that support or led to the creation of cognitive therapy as a technique in treating mood disorders. Chapter one discusses how we can categorize or “diagnose” our moods and understand it. ...
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