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He further goes on to state that, there is no life after death, and the gods cannot punish human beings after they are dead. This is because the universe is eternal, infinite, and is composed of atoms which move freely around the empty place. This paper analyzes the teachings of Epicurus, by looking at his concept of ataraxia (Keefe, 2010). This paper identifies how Epicurus defines pleasure, and happiness in a person. On this basis, this paper expands Epicurus explanation of happiness. It explains in detail how pleasure comes out as a result of doing good, and pain as a result of doing evil. This paper further identifies specific desires that human beings have, and the view of Epicurus concerning these desires. It also identifies the virtues that Epicurus thought an individual needs in order to live a good life, and his religious views. This paper has a conclusion which is a summary of the major points found in the text. Pleasure and Happiness: Epicurus denotes that happiness is the supreme good and it comes as a result of maximizing all aspects of pleasure. Epicurus further goes on to identify two types of pleasures; namely dynamic and static pleasures. Dynamic pleasure comes from the food that people eat and drink. Static pleasure comes as a result of having a stable mental, physical and emotional stability. According to Epicurus, pleasure comes as a result of eliminating all the needs and wants of an individual. At this stage, there is no pain, or frustration that an individual suffers from. Epicurus further denotes that in order to identify the differences between good and evil, it is important to look if pain and pleasure exists (Keefe, 2010). Pain exists if there is fear of uncertainty, or retribution from spiritual beings and people. Death is uncertain to many people. On this note, Epicurus teaches that pleasure comes as a result of freedom from the fear of death. On this basis therefore, a person becomes happy, because he does not suffer any pain, and is in a state of ataraxia. According to Epicurus, this is the only form of true happiness. When a person is at the state of ataraxia, he or she does not fear death, or punishment from spiritual beings. At this state, an individual does not concern himself with disruptive politics, or dishonest people. The person surrounds himself with trustworthy friends, and he or she is affectionate, and a virtuous person. Epicurus further goes on to state that when an individual is at the state of ataraxia, then he does not overindulge in any affairs of mankind that includes love, wine, and religion (Keefe, 2010). If a person does this, then he or she will suffer pain. Epicurus further goes on to explain that there exist mental and physical pains and pleasures. The mental aspect of pain and pleasure arises when an individual ponders over the past and the future. For instance, when a person regrets of his past mistakes, and is not sure of what will happen in the future, then he or she suffers mental pain. On the other hand, physical pain occurs only in the present. For instance, lack of food or water. The Desires of mankind and Epicurus view on how to live a pleasant life: In his letter to Menoeceus, Epicurus identifies three types of desires. They are (Keefe, 2010); a. Necessary and natural desires. b. Natural and unnecessary desires. c. Unnecessary and unnatural desires. Epicurus denotes that mankind must satisfy natural and necessary desires, failure to do ...Show more


Name: Course Code: Professor: Course Code: Introduction: Epicurus is a founder of a philosophical thought known as Epicureanism. The need of human beings to live a happy and tranquil life was the reason as to way Epicurus was able to develop his philosophies…
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