Essay sample - To what extent can technology be viewed as a 'civilising force'?

To what extent can technology be viewed as a
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To what extent can technology be viewed as a ‘civilizing force’?   Name   Course Professor University State Date Abstract Due to the invention computers and the internet, there have been very many successive technological developments that have brought about other changes in different sectors of the economy…


This has been seen as the key approach towards the realization of the greatest benefits from education. However, there have been a number of issues that have to be addressed if the world is to meet these goals towards educational technology. This paper therefore looks deeply in educational technology in which reference has been given to the past, the present, and the future of educational technology. Introduction Each and every day has been closer developments in education. The development of new technology has led to improved performances in education sectors. This has seen the third generation of education moving forth to the fourth generation which has been full of technological developments and better performances. Educational technology, which will as well be known as learning technology, has come this far (Fletcher, 2004). This is the study or ethical practice in which all aspects of learning are addressed in order to improve educational performances through the creation, management, and improvement of all technological procedures which are farther adopted for educational developments. This term, educational technology, has more often been attributed a closer association with learning theories and instructional theories. With this kind of technology, it should be agreed that education has been undergoing a number of key transformations. ...
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