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Student name Tutor name Course name Date Key philosophical ideas and contributions to philosophy by Ibnu Sinna / Avicenna Ibn Sina or Avicenna was the first philosopher in the Hellenistic Islamic tradition history (Aisha 5). Avicenna wrote a comprehensive philosophic works, especially his detailed account of the nature of God and the nature of Being.


Most of Avicenna’s works were written in Arabic, which was considered the de facto scientific language in the Middle East although he also wrote some of his works in Persian language. In order to fully understand Avicenna, we have to explore his philosophical ideas and contributions to philosophy. This essay engages in such an undertaking by exploring his ideas on reason and reality, theory of knowledge, theology, metaphysics and existence of god, and his conceptualization of soul. Avicenna was considered a polymath and a physician and more as a philosopher emanating from his major summa the cure, which would have great impact on European scholasticism, especially on Thomas Aquinas. One of his major steps in philosophy is his translation and interpretation of Aristotle 250 years before Thomas Aquinas. This was so because Arabs possessed Aristotle’s works before Thomas Aquinas and, therefore, Avicenna qualifies to be the first Islamic philosopher. Avicenna developed the theory of the knowledge, which became an influential philosophy especially on the philosophers of science such as John Locke. His theory of knowledge is based on the mental faculties of the soul with regard to their epistemological function. According to Avicenna, knowledge begins with abstraction. ...
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