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The Question of God - Research Paper Example

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The Question of God

Lewis, on the other hand, was an atheist for the first couple of years of his life. Lewis wrote he was so angry with God for failing to exist in this world. I was also equally angry with Him for creating a world in which creatures have a burden of existence imposed on them without their consent. Freud and Lewis were both haunted during all their lives by a strong yearning with no easily familiar object. Freud referred to the transcendent longing as Sehnsucht and Lewis called his Joy. Freud, however, was an atheist, he saw in human existence a desire for projection and illusion, while Lewis on the other hand argued that, like other inner human expectations and desires, this longing must be for a real object in this life or some other (Armand 46). Freud thought life to be meaningless he believed there was no god, and he lived an irresponsible life. According to him he existed by mistake, and there was no sense of him being in this world. He thought God was unfair in creating animals and letting them exist without their knowledge or permission. Lewis was an atheist for a third of his life then he turned around. He used to defend his atheism with Freud’s theories and beliefs before he converted to Christianity. He started believing there was God and everything happened for a reason. This motivated him to find happiness as he believed he had a destiny. When he was young he did not believe in the existence of god as the secular world seemed to make sense to him at that time(Armand 48). He had never given it a thought as to why he existed. With time, he discovered that science did not provide the answers to the questions he had. The many questions he had in his head made Lewis seek divine intervention. Religion made more sense to him as he found a purpose for his living as religion answered all his questions and it defined whom he was. The bible made sense to him, and he kept quoting it to justify his actions. His conversion to Christianity was a transition point in his life. He found contentment in God, and he believed god has a purpose for his life. He believed that the people who did not believe the existence of god had their own reasons or experiences which were minor. Freud was a scientist, and he seek all answers to the questions he had from science. He believed creatures evolved, and they were not created. According to him god did not exist, and it was just an imagination of people. He believed God was just an illusion in peoples mind and never existed in the real world. According to him people who believed in God desired a life of another kind and a different world from which they existed in(Armand 57). To him science was the only thing that made sense and religion were only theories made by people. He believed that those who trusted religion were dreamers and wanted their wishes to be fulfilled. He said that God was merely a dream and a childish wish and projection for a father’s protection. Freud interpreted religion as wish fulfillment; he says it was all psychological. According to him it was all in one’s head, and everyone could think what he wanted (Armand 172). He said that people have positive and negative feelings about their father and the negative feelings might cause the wish that God did not exist. Lewis cancelled the argument saying it was not a good ...Show more


Name Instructor Course Date The Question of God The book tries to perceive human life from two different opposed points of view. t brings out the perceptions and beliefs of a believer and that of an Unbeliever. The book provokes the readers’ thoughts. It brings out the questions how our social and personal lives influence how we understand our purpose in life…
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The Question of God essay example
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