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Through his reasoning, it implies that God does not exist. He argues that some people belief on life after death. Those who die pure will have a new life in the after-death world; they are the one to know if God exist or not (Joshua, 77-80). This reasoning paste a clear thought of God being non-existent. He argues that every truth is not known, thus, no reason to belief God as possessing the supernatural and omniscient powers. He argues that without truth, faith does not convince him that there existent a being who designed others in this world Clement, 182-190). Russel says that since no-one has rose from death to prove the idea of life after-death, objects in this world were meant to exist without the control of any supernatural being. He says that life has a meaning, but one finds himself on this world by fate (Clement, 156-158). He argues that those believing in God’s existence have not seen or proved that he exists, thus, the only people with a clear point are those who are against theism. Many authors have had an argument in support of theism and existences of God as a supernatural being, one of these arguments for theism are discussed in this paper. Thomas Aquinas argues in favor of theism. He argues that although contingent things exist, they are not omnipresent. This argument supports that God is the only being that is supernatural and omnipresent. ...
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Institution Instructor Date Theists v. Non-Theists Introduction Theism is the view that God is beyond the world. He created the world, and he is infinite. God acts in this world as a supernatural being, and he does what he chooses. God is beyond the universe and in the universe…
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