Data collection are concerned that this practice violates the privacy of individuals.

Data collection are concerned that this practice violates the privacy of individuals. Essay example
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Your name Course name Course Instructor Date of Submission Violation of privacy of individuals through data collection The uses of internet especially social websites have led many people to include their personnel details on their profiles. Objective of the information filled in the profile is to enable them to connect faster with people who know them and also enable their friends and families to identify them faster.


It is therefore due to this fact that this study is aimed at analyzing whether it is morally permissible for data companies to collect and sell information from people’s public social media profiles . According to Solove (2011), data and statistics have become integral part of organizational growth. Due to increased market competition across the world, companies and business organizations are ever carrying research and collecting data on how they should improve quality of products or services which they offer. However, the process of data collection is currently becoming very expensive. As a result, people are looking for cheap alternative means through which they can obtain data so that they can improve quality of their goods or services. There are many rules and regulations that govern data collection. Means of data or information collection are supposed to be ethical and acceptable by all parties involved. Depending on the means, and terms and conditions used to collect information, data collection companies are allowed to sell information or data which they have acquired legally with permission of all parties involved (Jinbonet 2013). ...
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