Virtue Ethics

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Surname Lecturer Course Date Virtue ethics The major issue of concern in ethics is that of selecting the most appropriate action that an individual finds himself or herself comfortable with. Virtue ethics has a rather different approach as compared to this notion.


(Maria 16) The people that have this kind of virtue based ethics tend to ask the major question on which action to choose when they are faced by a dilemma where a basically moral decision has to be taken. The theory also tends to train people on how to overcome the vices such as that of greed or even unnecessary anger that may stand in the way and stop someone from being a good person. The theory of virtue ethics has been in the background of all forms of discussions whereby they have been given a low profile when people meet to discuss issues of morality and the theories involved. In western philosophy, the ancient Greek thinkers had the thought that this kind of ethics was the oldest in terms of time. According to Aristotle, who dealt with the issue of virtue ethics in detail, when a person acquires forms of good habits, then such a person has the ability to regulate emotions and reason in instances that require rationality. Aristotle, therefore, points out to the idea that such understanding can help people make decisions that are morally correct when they are face with situations of difficulties. (Maggio 28) The major reason as to why virtue ethics can be said to remain popular and relevant is because it makes a major contribution that would enable us get to understand morality in depth. ...
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