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The Ethics of Care

From this research, it is clear that the care ethics regards to the principles that people usually have and follow the way of dealing with every relationship in day to day life. According to “The ethics of care: Personal, Political, and Global”, written by Virginia Held, the care ethics has not limited to this but now it can be explained involving a vast area as care ethics can be seen in case of medical practice, political life, war, international relationship, organization of a society and law. These things are involved in such a manner that they are now a part of it. According to Sara Ruddick, the pioneer of care ethics, in her article “Maternal thinking” which explained the experience of mothering and the care she gives to the baby, the care for the relationship around her and also provides a unique approach to the ethics. She also targets on feminist politics which was not of much importance those days. Since there are many forms of ethics like the virtue ethics, which decides about a person by looking at their behavior and to decide be either good or bad to them according to that person. The care ethics can be considered as a form of virtue ethics in some instances but it does not completely rely on principles of virtue ethics. To promote the interest of everyone towards oneself as mentioned in “what would satisfactory moral theory be like”, which is the principle of Rachel’s utilitarianism will sometimes collide with the aspects of the care ethics. Though it consists of few principles of them, they are separate entity altogether. ...
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The purpose of this research is to evaluate and present different kinds of ethics that are related to care ethics. The research also will cover the following: features of care ethics; importance, evaluation, and possibility of the object of research…
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