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What does it mean to act morally?

The proposed model adopts theories of Psychological Egoism and Ethical Egoism but it is largely based on the Buddhist philosophy of enlightenment. Analysis on Existing Theories of Moral Philosophy Sense of “morality” occurs naturally in human mind. Pursuing private benefits and ignoring the wellbeing of other living beings are also natural human behaviors. Conflicting mortal forces of “morality” and “immorality” are responsible for a great amount of literature in the human history. Lord Buddha taught 2600 years ago that correctly comprehending these forces is the path way to the ultimate freedom of humans. Theology play a vital role in moral philosophy. However the divine command theory is inefficient in describing the religion lead morality. It acknowledges the significance of religion in moral philosophy. But it is based on a rather ambiguous presumption i.e. “there exists a God”. Accordingly God defines what is good and what is bad. Approximately 2500 years ago Plato questioned: “is something right (or wrong) because the gods command it, or do the gods commands it because it is right?” Religion lead morality had been much easier to widely implement during the pre-industrial revolution. In the history fear and faith towards religious abstracts kept humans from acting upon immoral desires. ...
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Morality is the system through which people determine right and wrong conduct. Religion has a vital role to play in moral philosophy. Divine command theory is widely used for describing the moral judgments which are made based on religious abstracts…
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