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Ali Diop Philosophy Class John O’Shea 2 May 2013 Final Exam Question 1 Determinism is the doctrine which proposes that everything that happens in the future gets predetermined; by the way things are now. It involves deliberating when there is uncertainty or when experience has not sufficiently taught about the effects that one's actions will have on him or her.


In determinism, deliberation is necessary as there is uncertainty involved, and the choice made is the one with the most advantageous outcome. In determinism, one can get to choose his motives or prevent the motives from acting on his will. In Determinism, humans are never masters of their own will and motives, and thus they never act freely because one's will gets moved by causes independent to them. Ideas associate independently of us, and they get arranged in the brain without one's knowledge. One's memory depends on his organization, and its fidelity depends on the momentary or habitual state we find ourselves (Tully 175). People's ways of thinking get determined necessarily by their ways of being. Determinism shows that the actions of human beings are never free as they are usually the consequences of their temperament, received ideas and notions of happiness. Others also get determined by educational example and daily experience. According to freedom, the future holds one’s possibility with the best outcome. In freedom, one contains in himself causes inherent to his existence. Furthermore, he gets moved by an internal organ that has its own laws and is necessarily determined by ideas, perceptions and sensations received from external objects. ...
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