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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: UNKNOWN KNOWNS With reference to ‘The City and the City’ by China Mieville; we realize that life is composed of a series of events that relate both to the world we are aware of and to a world we know little about. There are a lot of life facets that human beings negect since life has a lot to offer yet we tend to remain in a comfort zone with reference to things that we known.


Interrelations on all these aspects will enable us gain a new notion and perspective on various issues altogether. Human self-deception highly depends on one’s familiarity with something or someone.On the other hand, knowledge orients on aspects like education, experience, skills, descriptions, information and facts. Nonetheless, knowledge can either become explicit or implicit, systematic or less formal, while in other instances it may refer to the practical or theoretical understanding of a subject. To many, knowledge is merely the phenomenon behind belief in amalgamation with facts. Such kinds of interrelations within the idea behind knowledge raise unending controversies on facets orienting around a fact or a belief. The acquisition of knowledge depends on a complex learning process that depends on our memory, attention, learning, reasoning, decision making, problem solving and understanding of language. In learning, one has to admit that they do not know or they lack ideas about particular aspects. Knowing is the main facade behind knowledge but there arises four facets from knowing that include; known knowns, known unknowns, unknown unknowns and unknown knowns. ...
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