do u agree or disagree with Boethius view on free will

do u agree or disagree with Boethius view on free will Essay example
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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Boethius view on free will Many philosophers refer to free choice of the will as the authority that humanity has to do what they view as most suitable and less likely to be detrimental to the principalities that govern the society.


Most certainly, free will is practical, and the independence of choice by people to embrace virtue is a factor reliant on the exercise of free choice of the will. The choice to do the unethical is also subject to the free will and decision of an individual. All humanity is rational, and the choice to do evil does not come from God. If humans were to follow the will of God, there would be no evil. Therefore, the presence of evil in the society emanates from the authority of humans to observe the free choice of the will. The free choice of the will of individuals may be compromised because of the desires that humans possess. The passion possessed by individuals explains their how their desires drive them to commit evil despite God’s wish for humanity to prevail. Even so, there is no connection of God with the evil and all source of evil is from free choice of the will that individuals posses. God bears no responsibility for the actions of humans. The relationship that humans have, with God, requires the need to practice virtue. God does not require humans to compromise the free choice of will to have intolerable conducts in the society. The determination of causation in humans has unlimited provisions, and understanding is of basis of establishing what is better than the other is. This entails a succinct understanding of the ability of humans to launch detailed and comprehensive inquiry in a concern or problem. ...
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