Singer and Kant's Categorical Imperative

Singer and Kant
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A lot of moral and ethical questions are raised especially in relation to biotechnology, politics, life sciences, philosophy, and war. Bioethics is the study of these controversial issues that arise as a result of advancement of medicine and biology.


It is also involved in the study of ordinary ethical issues in other branches of medicine such as primary care. A good example of ordinary ethical issues is the decision to pull the switch on a patient who is being kept alive by hospital machines since they are brain dead hence the chances of their recovery are extremely small. One of the major contributors in bioethics is Peter Singer who has put across various theories in this field. One theory he stipulates is that sacrifices of significant interests must not be done for the sake of minor interest. By this, he means that when considering an ethical issue one must evaluate what is more valuable than the other and then make a decision favoring what is more significant of the two factors. This theory has been used to decide on various ethical issues when it comes to medicine. A practical example is by considering the example given earlier. In the hospitals doctors and family members always find themselves in tough situations I deciding whether to turn off machines that are keeping a patient who is brain dead alive. ...
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