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Name: Course: Date: Assisted Migration Introduction and Thesis Assisted Migration refers to the concept through which scientists and environmentalists would move animal and other plant species from their current regions, to the areas where the environmental conditions are suitable for such species to thrive (Assisted Migration, 73).


The traditional environmental preservation concept sought to preserve the environmental conditions, and thus make them more suitable and habitable for the plant and animal species, without any interference with the species that would entail moving them. Climatic change has occurred following global warming, deforestation and other human-interruptive environmental activities, which has rendered the climate and the habitats for various species to consistently change, and thus become less habitable by the species that previously lived in such environments (Assisted Migration, 84). With these changes, the species of organisms are trying to move from the regions where the environmental conditions have been disrupted, to the regions where the environment is naturally suitable for them. This discussion seeks to argue that we ought to engage in Assisted Migration. Explanation of an argument Assisted Migration is necessary in the modern climatic conditions, to ensure that the plant and animal species that are living in regions that do not favor them, are rescued and moved to other regions, where they can co-exist favorably and continue to thrive. Human beings are the ultimate contributors to the environmental and the climatic changes that have been experienced in the world (Assisted Migration, 77). ...
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