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Name Professor’s Name Subject Date Philosophy 1. Discuss Kant’s categorical imperative. Explain the reasoning that leads to the first formulation of the categorical imperative (from good will through duty and respect for law). Using the example of either breaking a promise or telling a lie explain how the categorical imperative can be used to provide a prescription for action.


The concept of categorical imperative is deservingly considered to be the dominant in the philosophy of Immanuel Kant. It states that a person should do something not because he wants to do this, but following the rule that is common for everybody and should be strictly followed. “All imperatives are expressed with an ‘ought’, which indicates how an objective law of reason relates to a will that isn’t constituted so as to be necessarily determined by it—namely, relating to it as a constraint. An imperative says that it would be good to do or to refrain from doing something, but it addresses this to a will that doesn’t always do x just because x is represented to it as good to do”(Kant 18) Kant states that if a person allows himself/herself to set the principle that will be followed only by him/her and not by the rest of the people, this person can be called immoral. Kant provides different examples to demonstrate how categorical imperative was derived. The most widespread example is a person’s request for money that he/she is not going to give back, notwithstanding that the promise is given by him/her. Kant states that if all the people break promises, they [promises] would not exist any more as people would stop believing them. ...
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