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Defense Paper: David Hume

Every person has his own perception of the world, thus, he/she may have his/her own experience. Hume states that we all have our own views and there are no two views which are actually the same. From here Hume derives his attitude towards scientific knowledge. His view of knowledge also raised indignation and misunderstanding among scholars as the philosopher stated that there is nothing certain in our world. This statement calls all the scientific discoveries into question. Thus, the question is how we should understand Hume. The given paper will try to prove that David Hume is right and there is nothing in our world that can be called certain. If to look at Hume’s views carefully we can see that he was undeservingly accused of skepticism. His views are rather logic than skeptical. Hume states that our experience consists of perceptions, which in their turn are divided into impressions (sensations and emotions) and ideas (recollections and images). After the process of perception, a perceiving human being starts to process these ideas. As a result he/she receives some information that we call knowledge but it can be gained only in the process of experience. “Having through these divisions ordered and arranged our subject-matter ·perceptions), we can now set ourselves to consider more accurately their qualities and relations. ...
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Name Subject Date The Philosophy of David Hume Thesis Defense Introduction A great number of philosophers tend to explain human knowledge by the existence of reason. Humans are rational beings, thus, they gain knowledge with the help of reason…
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